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28 Simple Ways to Chill Out Fast

Drink more water, pucker up, use visualization, and other ways to de-stress, STAT.
Runner's World Link to Story

The Case for Seasonal Eating

Whole foods have a cyclical rhythm — and so do we. Eating with the seasons can support our health.
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This Is Why More and More Young People Are Having Strokes

Many young people think they're not at risk for stroke. But that's simply not true.

Are Omega-3s The Secret To Better Gut Health?

A new study suggests that these healthy fats could benefit your belly as well as your brain and heart.
Prevention Link to Story

When Caregiving Ends

Grief, relief, and guilt are common feelings when a caregiving relationship comes to a close.
HealthCentral Link to Story

Don't Skip These Health Tests

Preventative screenings can help diagnose conditions and catch medical issues early.
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Can 'Severe' CTE Cause Violent Behavior?

Lawyers say Aaron Hernandez was violent and suicidal because of CTE. But neurologists think that may be tough to prove.
Men's Health Link to Story

Jump to It: How Bouncing Makes You Stronger

Exercises like plyometrics and jump rope can bring major benefits without adding workout time.
MyFitnessPal Link to Story

Finding Calm in a Frantic World

When anxiety knocks you down, try these simple techniques to regain your balance.
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Surprising Foods That Help You Sleep

Certain foods actually can help you get a better night’s rest. Here's what to eat now to get solid sleep later.
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Don't Call This Athlete Without Arms or Legs "Inspiring"

Fitness should be about progress and doing what works for you, no matter what your body is like.

Leading With Care

Healthcare executive Sahra Noor started growing the seeds of leadership as a teenager in a Kenyan refugee camp.
Minnesota Alumni Magazine Link to Story


Elizabeth Millard

Freelance writer and editor focusing on health, wellness, fitness, and food. Experience includes feature articles, news writing, e-books, blog posts, brochures, webpages, and social media posts.

Seven reasons to hire me:
- Will never consider "deadline" a synonym for "suggested due date."
- Native Midwesterner, therefore trained from an early age to be affable. Can also do the "Fargo accent" on demand.
- Obsessed with providing clean copy, but won't get growly about rewrites or additions.
- Voted "Most Helpful Camper" at YWCA Camp Pepin in 3rd grade. Have been working to retain that title ever since.
- Liked bacon before it was cool.
- Can turn any complex research study into an engaging paragraph. It's like magic, but with fewer props.
- Good at making lists.